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Applications written in Prograph using the Marten IDE

Marten has been used to create several applications for MacOS X. This page contains examples of some of those applications. These examples illustrate both Carbon and Cocoa applications and demonstrate the ability of Marten and Prograph to create complex and powerful software.

As one would expect, Marten is used to write Marten. Marten is a multi-process multi-threaded Carbon application that contains approximately 500 classes.

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DNA Toolbox
This Carbon application provides a palette of various tools to manipulate and analyze DNA sequences. The tools include multiple alignment of DNA sequences, assembly of DNA fragments, creation of phylogenetic trees, and searches of DNA databases.

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DNA Autocorrelation
This specialized Carbon application repairs a DNA sequence that contains a polymorphic insertion. The insertion is detected by using the mathematical technique known as autocorrelation.

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DNA Fragment Assembly
This Cocoa application takes DNA fragments and assembles them into a "contig". The DNA sequence of the contig is called the consensus sequence and is output as a result of the assembly. Because the various algorithms for assembly cannot do a perfect job of it, the application must provide a way for users to edit the DNA sequences of the contig and component fragments.

The code shown in the screenshot illustrates how the Objective-C language in combination with the Cocoa framework may be used in the Marten IDE to create Cocoa applications.

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National Public Radio Label Printer
NPR had an old Prograph CPX application that they wanted ported to MacOS X. This screenshot illustrates some of the code involved in porting the OS 9 section files to MacOS X. Pictorius PROG section files may be imported into the Marten IDE where they will be converted into Marten IDE section files. These converted files may then be used in porting OS 9 Prograph CPX applications to MacOS X.

System Requirements
The Marten IDE requires MacOS X 10.6.8 or better. In addition, a system with at least 256 MB of RAM is recommended for best performance. To build C executables requires GCC to be installed.

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